creating independent voices in dance

360 degrees is a pioneering dance education e designed to meet the educational needs of dancers in India and to trigger the development of a new generation of performers, creators and researchers in the field of dance. This 1-year program integrates physical training, dance-making, critical and inter-disciplinary studies and also aims to enable its participants to transition into the professional dance arena through short, supporting modules in specializations such as pedagogy, arts management, stagecraft, psychology and advocacy.

The existing dance pedagogy in India is centered on the learning of forms and does not prepare the education receivers for improvising, researching or contributing to the development of the art form. With one eye on finding a balance between movement training, choreography and critical studies, and the other on enabling dancers to find their individual voices as creative practitioners, 360 degrees aims to fill this gap with its nourishing curriculum.
Key guiding principles of the program are:

Dancers selected from a variety of backgrounds

Finger on the pulse of the evolving dance ecology in the country and its newest innovators

CONTEXUALLY-ENGAGED Practice steeped in historical, political, cultural awareness

INVESTIGATIVE Development of independent creative voices through self-reflexive practice

DEMOCRATIC Relations amongst givers and receivers of education based on a sense of curiosity, rigor and collaboration.

Integrating multiple perspectives on training, creation and context 360 degrees is slated to be launched in 2015.

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