Odissi with Ranjana Dave


7th – 28th January | Saturdays |

10:00-12:00 PM
Gati Studio
Contribution: Rs 1500 for 4 consecutive classes or Rs 500 per class




Odissi combines sinuous and curvaceous lines drawn by the body in space with a strong and grounded recognition of the centre and its connections to gravity. Recognised as a classical dance style, Odissi is native to the eastern state of Odisha, influenced by several centuries of local sculpture, literature and lived histories. This class focuses on the fundamentals of Odissi, including a form-specific warm-up, the technique, and the usage of hand gestures and various parts of the body. It is open to beginners and professional dancers alike and includes a body conditioning system that prepares the body for the physicality Odissi requires of it. The class is suitable for anyone looking to enhance body awareness, cultivate an understanding of space, and build strength and flexibility.

Ranjana Dave is an Odissi dancer and writer based in New Delhi. Ranjana Dave is an Odissi dancer and writer based in New Delhi. As a dance practitioner, her interests include performance and teaching. Her teaching practice is particularly informed by a focus on making Odissi accessible to different groups of learners, enabling a process of making personal meaning of dance.

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